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A Customer’s Story in Search for the perfect T-shirt…

A Customer’s well said story in search for the perfect t-shirt from Arizona to Colorado to Washington DC

Here at ActiveState we are always seeking out how our customers find us and our site.  Well little did I know this simple question via email would result in such an elaborated, well written, epic story about a young man traveling the United States, from Arizona to DC in search for a Colorado Flag t-shirt that turns out is just what we design and offer.

So without further adieu thanks for such a great story Jake!

Sent directly from Jake:

So you’ve asked the question and opened pandora’s box for the most epic answer ever.  The gods honest truth is that I have been searching for THAT shirt for 3+ years.  It all started one cool summer night up in Boulder in 2009.  Having just driven one jeep load of stuff from Tucson, AZ, I was on an epic trip to park the jeep someplace well hidden, get on a flight from Denver to Tucson, and then drive back to Denver with the last of my stuff in my Subaru.  When I happened upon a fit looking South African girl wearing the coolest colorado t-shirt I have ever seen.  It was said shirt we speak of.

She was going into the Boulder International Hostel as I was going out, and we made quick friends from my appreciative comment.  She told me she got it in some far off shop in Vail, and even offered to buy me one and mail it to me when she went back in a few weeks.  I was shocked.  I was enthralled.  And as a traveler, well, I was humbled.  But also as a traveler, i knew one doesnt want to be bothered with such trivial matter and would feel guilty to upset or delay a fellow traveler’s journey.  So, i foolishly said thats okay, I’ll find it when I go to Vail, heck I’ve got at least two years that I’ll be in Colorado.  How hard could it be?  Well, I went home, I came back to Colorado, and the first thing I did when the Internet was hooked up, I did a google search on the intranet machine for “colorado shirts”, the results were lagging. I did another for Colorado Shirts mountains, and another: Colorado shirts mountains flag; and another: Colorado flag shirt mountains; another: American Apparel shirt colorado flag [the S.A. chick had mentioned the shirt was and American Apparel one b/c I was wearing the same shirt, but sans flag design].  ALL THE RESULTS WERE LAME!  Let me tell you I searched for an hour then two, then three.  Then I thought, well maybe its not online, thats discouraging, but I will not be discouraged.

So fall rolled around and it was time to do some hiking.  I headed to the mountains West on 70 for a ways, and little do I know, there I am in Vail.  But my hike had to be satisfied and daylight was dwindling.  So I did my hike and on the way back I stop in Vail.  I look high, I look low, but half the town is shuttered and the other half is closed until the ground turns white.  So I was turned away again.

Then one morning I awoke to see the on mountains’ peaks, the crest of a new fallen snow, the glorious white reflecting the powerful rays of the morning sun.  So the days grew shorter and soon the slopes were open, and off I head on a ski trip.  Over the river and threw the woods to a ski-resort I go.  And on the return trip I pull into a ramshackle town of Vail (no offense if thats where you’re located–i use ramshackle as a bit of irony).  So through this bavarian village i roam, for hours, ducking into shops scrambling to get a look at any person’s chest who was in a blue t-shirt.  And again I was disappointed.  Then came 2010 and the ski season ended.  I would scour shops of every town beyond the front range and each time was turned away with despair.

I began to think, maybe this girl was wrong when she said “Vail”.  Maybe instead she meant some place new, some place far away, a place where the beer flowed like wine, a place where beautiful women instinctively flocked, like the salmon of Capistrano… I’m talking about a place called… “Assspehn”  But I was not set to make a journey to Aspen, that is until a friend had a birthday, and insisted on a road trip for a concert and beer.  So off we went and I spent the better part of a day inebriated and desperately searching shops through the fair city.  Nothing to be found.

Another year went by all to the same effect.  I kept searching and looking and using the internet hoping for something new.  Then one day in the distant future, the call came.  It was from law school. Grad school was over, and law school was calling.  Only, it wasnt the school that was supposed to call.  The school that was supposed to call was in Boulder.  This one was in Washington DC.  So sadly, bags were packed and nothing was left and a sad day in late August, I departed the state I had come to love in 2 years and the one place I knew I wanted to end up back in.  So in August of 2011, I took the sad journey to DC and left CO, leaving behind a great experience working with the Governor and many of his staff.

This staff included a fine upstanding gentleman by the name of Al White.  Al White is now the Colorado director for the Tourism Board.  This board has promoted Colorado and has done what it can to excite people into coming to Colorado and loving Colorado as the locals do.  One of Al’s efforts was the creation of a facebook page.  So in late 2011, while sulking in a law school library, wondering why did I leave the place i love, to rot in a library reading awful books written by the least literary men/women the world has ever known I stumbled upon this page and “liked it”.  I finished my first year of law school affectionately called “1L” and in the process found a new social media site.  It was called Pinterest.  See facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/visitcolorado .  So it was the facebook page that told me to check out their Colorado clothing pinterest page.  See http://pinterest.com/visitcolorado/colorado-gear/

There was something similar.  I guy on a paddle-board, but it wasn’t horizontal, it was a circle and not that awesome.  BUT I WAS GETTING CLOSE!  But no, your shirt wasn’t there.  But I would not be denied.  Summer came and went.  I had more classes, and studied abroad in Geneva and a friend bought me a Colorado t-shirt from Urban outfitters. It was lovely, but it wasn’t what I wanted.  Then the thought occurred, I should search Pinterest.  This is what I found http://pinterest.com/pin/212302569904219838/  BUT THATS NOT WHAT I WANTED :/  So i went to the webpage and found something similar.  And then I said to myself, there has got to be someway to make that shirt I want!  So i took a stab and i emailed you.  So now, I’m going to order two of your shirts and you have that girl in Boulder to thank, the Colorado tourism board, Governor Hickenlooper’s office for connecting me to them, the social networking sites facebook and pinterest, and who ever posted that pin on pinterest.  And I have told you the most exhausting story ever on how far I went to get your shirt.  If you’ve made it this far through my story you deserve a mug of hot coco and some baileys.



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