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Oops, we goofed!  You may have tried to purchase a shirt with our buy now button and get to a page you can’t find.  Whaaaaa??!?!?  Yup, we agree, that’s ludicrous and unacceptable.   Recently our print team has moved on and as a result we are scrambling to get our new print team setup.

We took this opportunity to completely revamp our website.  Yes, it will look so much cleaner, sleeker, and just 2015’er!  Rather than this outdated looking site you see now.  However with this update and switching print teams our products got all out of whack.  Currently we are scrambling to fix this, but in the meantime we cannot fix it.

We are so sorry!  Please fill out this form to give us your information and we will be happy to shoot you an email when our shipping is back to normal so you can get your shirts.  We may even throw a discount your way for the inconvenience 🙂

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