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CityFlag – Colorado

Colorado CityFlag
Our newest design for Summer 2013!

Description: Did you know there are over 250 municipalities in Colorado?  We were pretty astonished too!  Well, based on this fact, we were inspired to design a new Colorado Flag shirt.  This was our most popular shirt of 2013!  It’s the Colorado flag that is composed of every city in Colorado, yup, all 271 of them!  The detail in this print is incredible!

Available Styles (Keep in mind women’s run a bit small.  We recommend you double check the shirt measurements!):

Colors: Available Colors

  • Royal (Slightly Heathered)
  • Charcoal (Slightly Heathered)
Shipping: Add $3 (about 3-4 week turnaround for pre-orders)
Shopping Carts?: If you’ve been browsing our site and noticed that some shirts go to one shopping cart and other shirts to another, there’s a simple explanation   Most our shirt orders go directly to our printing warehouse to expedite your order and get it underway in print ASAP!  The other orders are coming from already printed and inventory we have on hand.  They usually have a faster turnaround when checking out via PayPal, however that is why you may say, wait a minute, why do I have two shopping carts!?  We are sorry for any inconvenience, however we are currently working on revamping the site to make it as easy as a process as possible.
Go ahead Love your shirt Unconditionally!

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